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The Best Pump Sprayers for Lawn Care

Now that you have decided the course of action to take to have the most beautiful lawn on the block, you will need the best pump sprayers for lawn care. If you have a small area to cover, need to apply a spot treatment or a pesticide; a one or two-gallon hand sprayer will fit all of your needs. Small spray bottles are easy to use, prepare, clean, and store. As with most products, there are a wide variety of sprayers with several different features.

Pump Sprayers Top Pick: ITISLL 1 Gallon Garden Pump Sprayer

The ITISLL 1 Gallon pump sprayer is ideal for treating small yards, applying pesticides, and managing gardens. This sprayer features a well-built brass wand that sets it apart from many other small handheld sprayers. ITISLL has also included a shoulder strap with this unit to make carrying this sprayer easier and more comfortable. Unlike many other pump sprayers, this one comes with complementary O-ring replacements and extra seals to keep you spraying well into the future. This unit is also equipped with a safety pressure relief valve that will activate if you over-pressurize the unit, or if you would like to release pressure after use. It is important to note that that spray nozzle is adjustable with spray options ranging from a fine mist to a direct stream.

Pump Sprayers Budget Pick: Chapin International Translucent 1 Gallon Sprayer

The Chapin International 1 Gallon sprayer is one of the more economical pump sprayers for lawn care available today.  Weighing in at 1.8 pounds, it is a lightweight and portable spray bottle that has features such as an anti-clog filter and a wide mouth opening for easier mixing. This unit also offers an adjustable spray nozzle to fit your application needs.  The unit is made entirely of plastic, and certain parts may show wear and tear over time, and the sprayer does not come with any replacement parts.  If you are looking for a light use sprayer that provides you with basic functionality at a competitive price, this lawn sprayer is for you..

Professional Grade Pick

If you are looking for a lawn sprayer that will stand the test of time and rival the sprayers that many professionals use on a daily basis, the Chapin Stainless Steel 2 Gallon Sprayer is the yard sprayer that you are looking for.  Chapin builds this sprayer out of top of the line stainless steel and constructs its wand out of solid brass, which will stand up to corrosion and to ensure that this sprayer lasts.  An adjustable solid brass tip allows you to spray in either a cone or jet pattern.  A spray tip can also be purchased for this unit to cover larger areas as well as a shoulder strap.  This sprayer is more than ample for most homeowners looking for the best small spray bottle for lawn care. 

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