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Bermuda Grass – Pros and Cons

Pillars, Staff's Picks

If you have ever admired the lush, green grass on a golf course in the southern United States, it is most likely bermuda grass. The grass...

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When to Prune Boxwood – With Tips on How to Do So

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Did you know that there are more than 70 species in the boxwood family? These slow-growing evergreen shrubs grow best in zones 5-9 and add...

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Ultimate Weed Identification Guide – With Pictures and Recommendations on How to Kill Them

Herbicides, Lawn Tips, Staff's Picks

Note: this weed identification guide is a work in progress. Therefore, we intend to update often so be sure to check back for updates. Last...

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The Pros and Cons of St Augustine Grass – How to Establish & Care for St Augustine

Fertilizers, Lawn Tips, Staff's Picks

St. Augustine Grass grows well in warm, humid regions of the country. Characteristically grown near the coast, this grass has regional...

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Top 5 Natural Weed Killer Recipes

Herbicides, Staff's Picks

Despite the effectiveness of commercial weed killers, many people are skeptical of the environmental and health impacts that some...

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The Ultimate Guide to Crabgrass

Featured, Lawn Tips, Staff's Picks

The other day I heard my neighbor say his grass had “crabs.” Oh my gosh really, I thought to myself as I looked around for...

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How to Kill Fire Ants

Pesticide, Staff's Picks

Fire Ants are a nuisance for property owners in the United States, and have been since they were introduced via the Port of Mobile in the...

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3 Best Weed Killers for Zoysia Grass

Herbicides, Staff's Picks • 2 Comments

Zoysia grass is a low maintenance option for high traffic yards. Unfortunately, it is not immune to pesky and invasive weeds....

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How to Plant St Augustine Grass Using Plugs

Lawn Tips, Staff's Picks

Establishing St Augustine turf can be expensive! Sod, the most expensive option, is best for establishing grass for the first time in a...

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St Augustine vs Bermuda

Lawn Tips, Staff's Picks

Overview of St Augustine Grass Overview of Bermuda Grass St Augustine vs Bermuda Grass Comparison Chart St Augustine Grass This southern...

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