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Trimec Weed Killer – What You Need To Know About the Popular Herbicide

Pesticide, Pillars, Trending

Trimec weed killer usually consists of a combination of 2, 4-D, Dicamba, and Mecoprop. The trifecta of herbicides is the key to...

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Bagging Grass Clippings – Should You Do It?

Lawn Tips, Trending

Every time you cut your lawn, you have a choice: bag the clippings or leave them on the grass. Leaving the clippings in your yard after...

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Centipede Grass Fertilizer – What You Should Know

Fertilizers, Herbicides, Lawn Tips, Trending

Centipede grass is a popular and hearty variety of grass that thrives in high temperatures and requires less upkeep than other species....

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How to Seed a New Centipede Lawn

Featured, Lawn Tips, Trending

Establishing a new lawn is nowhere near the hardest home-improvement project you can tackle. In fact, a healthy lawn can add value to your...

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Centipede Grass Seed – What you should know before you sow

Lawn Tips, Trending, Uncategorized

More Information on Centipede Grass Check out our page on Centipede Grass to learn more about growing a healthy Centipede lawn. ×...

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