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The Ultimate Guide to Crabgrass

Featured, Lawn Tips, Staff's Picks

The other day I heard my neighbor say his grass had “crabs.” Oh my gosh really, I thought to myself as I looked around for...

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How to Seed a New Zoysia Lawn

Featured, Lawn Tips

Seeding a new zoysia lawn doesn’t have to be complicated. By following the steps outlined below, your lawn will soon be the jewel of...

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Centipede Grass Pros and Cons

Featured, Fertilizers, Lawn Tips, Staff's Picks

Centipede grass is a popular choice for lawns due to its ability to thrive in high temperatures and low maintenance requirements. Centipede...

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Know Before You Grow: How to Calculate the Right Amount of Fertilizer


Table of Contents Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), & Potassium (K) explained Danger of too much fertilizer Calculating amount of N-P-K in a...

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Pet Safe Weed Killer

Featured, Herbicides

Thousands of products and chemicals can help you control weeds in your yard. However, there are not as many options for pet safe weed...

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How to Seed a New Centipede Lawn

Featured, Lawn Tips, Trending

Establishing a new lawn is nowhere near the hardest home-improvement project you can tackle. In fact, a healthy lawn can add value to your...

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