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Centipede Grass Seed – What you should know before you sow

Skipping the sod and establishing a lawn from seed can save you money. This is especially true if you have a large yard to cover. Following the advice in this article, you can establish a beautiful centipede lawn from grass seeds. 

Coated Centipede Grass Seed vs Uncoated Seed

Coated grass seed comes with a lot of advantages over uncoated seed. These advantages aren’t free. Coated seed costs more per actual pound of seed. However, the cost is almost always worth it, as coated seed will result in increased seed germination. The increase in germination is so great that you can use less seed than you would with uncoated seed.

There are three major reasons why coated seed has increased germination: they wick moisture, they have better contact with the soil, and they are more likely to land–and stay–where you want them.

Moisture Wicking

The chemicals used to coat grass seed will create a natural capillary action. This causes moisture to wick in from the surrounding soil. This increased moisture will ensure that more seed germinates than would otherwise occur.

Contact with Soil

Coated seed has more surface area than uncoated seed. The larger surface area increases the opportunity for the seed to become established.


Since coated seed is heavier than uncoated seed, the ballistics of coated seed is far superior during the spreading process. Simply put, the increased weight improves the likelihood that it will penetrate and stay in the soil. This means your grass will grow where you want it. It also means the germinated grass will be more evenly spaced.

Best Coated Centipede Seed

The best centipede seed for southern lawns is TifBlair Centipede Seed. TifBlair was developed by the University of Georgia and has much more resilience to the environmental stresses common to southern lawns. Namely, it has a greater cold tolerance and can withstand waterlogged soil more easily than previously developed centipede grass. It also greens up faster in the spring or after a drought.

You can buy coated TifBlair seed at domyown.com. In fact, if you are going to be doing any meaningful lawn maintenance, domyown.com is going to be a valuable resource for you.

Alternatives of TifBlair Centipede Grass Seed

While TifBlair is the most popular and commercially available type of Centipede on the market today, it is not the only type that exists.

Oklawn Centipede Grass

Oklawn was developed in 1965 at Oklahoma State University. This variety was an improvement over previous varieties. This is because it tolerated cold and drought better than previous varieties. Also, it is a slow-growing centipede with a blue-green hue.

AU Centennial Centipede Grass

This variety was released in 1983 by Auburn University. It is a vegetatively-propagated dwarf variety of centipede. AU Centennial is thicker than common centipede grass and tolerates lower temperatures than its predecessors. It also has a higher tolerance of soil alkalinity than common centipede and Oklawn centipede grasses.

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