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Does Trimec Kill Crabgrass?

One of the most asked questions about Trimec is: Does Trimec kill crabgrass? Trimec herbicide can most definitely kill crabgrass. If you are targeting crabgrass, the right blend of Trimec can take your results to the next level!

Gordon’s is a leading manufacturer of Trimec herbicides. Its Trimec Crabgrass Concentrate kills crabgrass and 200 other weeds. The product can be used either as a spot treatment or a broadcast treatment.

Another essential feature is that the Trimec solution becomes rainproof six hours after application.

If you have major issues with crabgrass, this is the product for you!

What is crabgrass? And why is it so hard to kill?

Crabgrass is an annual broadleaf weed that is difficult to kill. It does not grow very high above the ground, meaning that mowing the lawn will not eliminate the weed. Also, each mature plant can produce upwards of 100,000 seeds in a lifetime.

The weed is an annual nuisance that requires constant vigilance. If your lawn already has established crabgrass, Trimec will be an essential tool in your toolkit to achieve a weed-free property.

The potent blend of herbicides is designed to kill up to 200 different weeds, including crabgrass. As with most herbicides, proper mixing and application are essential to ridding your lawn of pesky weeds and crabgrass.

Tips for applying Trimec to kill crabgrass:

Trimec can be used to kill crabgrass any time of the year, including early spring for fast-growing weeds
Apply Trimec to entire yards or use as a spot treatment
Many homeowners choose to make a broadcast application to lawns in the late spring and mid-summer. Broadcast applications will help to eliminate a host of weeds.
Others choose to spot treat pesky weeds with Trimec using a handheld or backpack sprayer. Spot treatments can be useful if the lawn is experiencing stress, drought, or early in the growing season.
Retreatment of problem areas should be at least 21 days apart. Frequent application of Trimec can damage the grass. Allowing at least 21 days between applications will give the product plenty of time to work and will give the turf time to recover.
St Augustine and Centipede lawns may temporarily discolor after many or frequent applications.
Discoloration will subside over time. Adequately water in the weeks post-application.
Trimec is a post-emergent herbicide. It will control developed weeds but will not prevent future weeds from growing.
Trimec herbicide will kill seeded and developed crabgrass but will not keep crabgrass seeds from germinating.
Homeowners should use Pre-emergent herbicides to keep crabgrass from taking root in their lawn.
Areas treated with most Trimec products are safe to re-enter after the product has thoroughly dried.
Remember always to follow precautions and manufacturer’s instructions when applying any chemical or herbicide.
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