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Ranger Pro Herbicide – Is It A Good Fit For You?

Ranger Prop Herbicide is a nonselective Glyphosate-based herbicide. Nonselective means that it efficiently manages many different plant species. It provides broad spectrum management of trees and brush as well as many annual and perennial herbaceous weeds. Developed by Monsanto in 2007, it is a nonspecific herbicide designed to target post emergent plants.

Uses for Ranger Pro Herbicide

This product’s active ingredient is Glyphosate, the same active ingredient in RoundUp, making the effects very similar to that of RoundUp but at a more cost-efficient price point.

Like RoundUp, Ranger Pro Herbicide targets post-emergent plants to control plant species that have already emerged from the soil. It has a minimal impact on surrounding plants when properly applied. Due to its versatility, Ranger Pro Herbicide can be used nearly anywhere there are undesired plants, but it is most functional in residential and commercial greenspace, parks, and recreational areas.

How Ranger Pro Herbicide Kills Plants, Trees, and Brush

Ranger Pro Herbicide is a water-soluble herbicide that targets the entire plant. When applied to undesired plants, the herbicide is absorbed directly into the plants leaves or root system.

Once absorbed, the Glyphosate present in the herbicide inhibits the plant enzyme that allows the plant to synthesize three specific amino acids (phenylalanine, tyrosine and tryptophan). The plant cannot survive without these essential amino acids and dies relatively soon after.

Best Mixing and Use Practices

Ranger Pro Herbicide is easy to apply. It functions best on weeds that have just emerged and are still fairly young. The herbicide already contains a surfactant, so it is unnecessary to mix with additional surfactants.

To mix, add two to three ounces of herbicide per gallon of water in a spray herbicide applicator. Once mixed, apply the herbicide with the mister as you would with any other landscape treatment. Use caution to avoid contact with any desired plant species, as the Ranger Pro Herbicide will impact any plant it touches, even in minimal concentrations.

Store the mixed product in an approved herbicide spray solution container that is not made of galvanized or unlined steel. As with any herbicide, thoroughly clean the container and any parts of the applicator after use.

How Long Before Ranger Pro Begins to Work?

Ranger Pro Herbicide works quickly, but still needs time for the plant to exhibit full effects from the enzyme inhibition.

If applied properly, you should see visual signs of management in the plant with two to three days. But the product can take up to fourteen days to kill the entire plant. Cold temperatures, cloudy weather, or rain may delay the effects of this product. If the plants persist after two to three weeks, multiple applications should be considered.

Minimize Drift

When using any herbicide, drift is a major concern. If drift is not managed, the herbicide will impact crops or other desired plants as well as contaminate the surrounding environment. To minimize drift, always apply herbicide on a calm day that is not windy, hot, or dry. Additionally, select an application method that allows you to have more control over application and use caution to only apply the product onto undesired plants.

To control aerial drift, apply the solution with an applicator that dispenses a course droplet size on the lowest pressure setting. Do not apply the solution on a day where winds are more than ten miles per hour. Avoid applying on days that are extremely hot or when humidity is very low.

Consider using a drift control additive and low drift application nozzles.

Environmental Impact

Ranger Pro Herbicide can have lasting impacts on the environment when not applied properly or when used in high concentrations. Be aware of your surroundings during application and control drift to avoid contamination of any waterways. Glyphosate can also persist in the soil for over a year, so do not use this product in areas where food crops are grown or will be grown.

If drift is not controlled, Ranger Pro Herbicide will impact ecosystems surrounding application sites. Even in minute quantities, this product is hazardous to most plant species and can impact human health. If the herbicide comes into contact with native species or local wildlife, it can reduce overall biodiversity of entire ecosystems. So, extreme precaution must be used to protect local ecosystems and human health.

Safety Precautions

Whenever applying an herbicide, always read the full packaging label and be aware of local regulations. If you are unsure of regulations in your area, contact an EPA representative who can connect you with local guidelines. Always avoid contact with the herbicide. Contact a poison control facility if the product comes in contact with humans or pets. After application, properly store and dispose of product before cleaning all the application tools.

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