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Bermuda Grass Seed: What you should know

Bermuda grass is an excellent grass variety to start from seed. Starting a bermuda lawn from seed is cheaper than using sod. Also, seeding is more practical for large areas and is something that can be done by most homeowners.

Reasons to Use Coated Grass Seed

Lawn and Petal always recommends using a coated grass seed. Coated grass seeds are covered in a moisture-wicking material that also contains micro-nutrients. They are almost always more expensive than uncoated seed, but the extra cost is well worth it. Coated seeds germinate better, have better soil contact, and have better-staying power.

Reason #1: Moisture Wicking Properties

The coating on the outside of the seed absorbs water from the soil and directs it to the seed. Seeds need moisture to germinate. Keeping a newly planted seed wet increases the odds of germination. Watering seeds is a critical step in growing a Bermuda grass lawn from scratch.

Reason #2: Improved Soil Contact

Coated seeds tend to make better contact with the soil. The seed’s coating increases surface area. An increased surface area improves the odds of successful germination.

Reason #3: Better Ballistics and Placement

Coated grass seeds are heavier than their uncoated counterparts. They travel further and land harder than uncoated. Heavier seed is also less likely to blow away in the wind or wash away in the rain. Coated Bermuda grass seed also spreads more evenly. This leads to better distribution and less clumping. Always use a spreader when casting new grass seed.

Best Coated Bermuda Grass Seed

Panama (PanAm) Bermuda Grass Seed Blend

PanAm’s Coated Bermuda grass seed is engineered to give homeowners a dark green and hearty Bermuda grass lawn. The product features seed treated with a proprietary Yellow Jacket coating. Yellow Jack coating contains Zeba coating for increased water retention. PanAm has also engineered this variety of Bermuda grass to tolerate lower temperatures, making it heartier in colder environments. Panama Bermuda Grass Seed Blend is a top choice for homeowners looking for professional-grade seed.

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