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The Best Hand Spreaders

Hand spreaders are an essential tool for keeping your lawn or garden in top shape. If you need to spread fertilizer, seed, pesticide, or soil supplements in your yard or garden, you want to choose the best hand spreader. A hand broadcast device will help you spread seeds or supplements across an area evenly while allowing you to choose the amount of product that you would like to apply to your lawn. Generally, hand spreaders have hoppers that range from three to nine pounds in capacity. Most products also allow for a variable flow, which allows you to control your application rate. It is important to consider the following factors when choosing your broadcast spreader: hopper capacity, weight, of the unit, manual or battery-powered, cost, and durability. Generally, if you are looking to treat an area that is larger than 1,500 sq, ft, you may be interested in purchasing a push spreader.

Hand Spreader Top Pick

When it comes to hand spreaders, the best is Scott’s Whirl Hand-Powered Spreader for lawn and garden enthusiasts looking for a basic hand-powered broadcast spreader. Scott’s hand-powered spreader has the capacity to treat up to 1,500 sq. Ft depending on the application rate. The unit also offers an adjustable armrest/support that will reduce hand strain and provide stability. Scott’s hand Powered Spreader also features one of the smoothest and easiest cranking action available. It is suggested that the product is applied at a rate of 4 feet per second to guarantee even application. You will also have five spreader settings to choose from.

Top Motorized Hand Spreader
The top motorized hand spreader is the Scott’s Wizz broadcaster. If your yard is in the 2,500 sq. Ft range, and you prefer to use a hand-held yard spreader; this is the product for you. Powered by four AA batteries, the Wizz offers 2,500 sq. Ft of coverage and 5 feet of broadcast range to ensure quick and even application with fewer passes. The Wizz weighs a light 2.1 pounds, making it minimally heavier than its hand-cranked alternatives. With seven broadcast application settings, you will be able to apply everything from new grass seed and fertilizer to salt to melt ice on your sidewalk and driveway. Some users recommend removing the batteries from the unit in the winter when it is seldom used to ensure no damage to the spreader. Remember to clean out any spreader after applying any caustic products or road salt to prevent corrosion or damage. Don’t forget to stock up on batteries for use with this spreader!
Hand Spreaders Honorable Mention

The Chapin 8706A offers a 1.6-liter hopper and a lightweight design. The 8706A hand spreader is ideal for application areas that are under 1,000 sq. Ft or for small gardens. The unit weighs less than one pound and is constructed out of poly plastic, making it ideal for salt application. The unit’s slide door controls the application rate and is less precise than other models and can clog from time to time. The Chapin 8706A is a basic broadcast spreader that is ideal for general applications a few times a year.

Gravity Spreader

The TIPU Hand Spreader and Shaker is ideal for tiny areas and spot treatments. The TIPU unit can be used for applying seed to bald spots in a lawn or a granular pesticide to an anthill. Many gardeners utilize the TIPU hand spreader to apply supplements to the base of specific plants, rather than broadcast treatment to the entire garden of bed. The handheld shaker screen offers three different application flows. With no mechanical parts or gears, the TIPU hand spreader is exceptionally durable and will last years with general usage.

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