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4 Of The Safest Pet Safe Weed Killers

Thousands of products and chemicals can help you control weeds in your yard. However, there are not as many options for pet safe weed killer on the market as there should be. Our pets love to spend time outside running, playing chase, and rolling around in the grass. Many lawn care products are effective in eliminating unsightly weeds but are not safe for our pets. The chemicals that can be found in traditional weed killers are harsh and dangerous.

Chemical exposure can cause skin rashes or irritation of feet and paws of pets. Many animals may suffer from allergic reactions or enter into anaphylactic shock from coming into contact with lawn chemicals. Long-term exposure to some chemicals may cause discomfort and pain for your pet. They can even lead to many lifelong chronic illnesses. Choosing a pet safe weed killer is important for any pet and homeowner. 

Even if a product is labeled a pet safe weed killer, you should still exercise caution while applying it. Always following the manufacturer's instructions.

Below a list of pet-safe lawn care products that you can use with confidence:


Avenger Weed Killer RTU Pet Safe Weed Killer

Avenger Weed Killer RTU is a pet safe weed killer that is an all organic and natural oil-based herbicide. As a bonus, it is also safe for the environment. Avenger begins to kill weeds and other unwanted plants within hours and will not stain your driveway or patio. Made with citrus oils, there is no unpleasant or harsh odor, and the product is fully biodegradable. Avenger's weed killer has also been certified as organic by WSDA and OMRI. This product is a non-selective herbicide, meaning that it will kill all plants and grasses to which it is applied. This pet safe weed killer is offered in 24 oz and 128 oz bottles. 

Green Gobbler Weed and Grass Killer

Green Gobbler is an all-natural, organically certified weed killer that is safe to use around your pets. The proprietary formula contains 20% acetic acid vinegar that will eradicate weeds within hours.

Green Gobbler’s vinegar is four times stronger than ordinary table vinegar. This all-natural and biodegradable weed killer contains no chemicals or known carcinogens. It is a broad-spectrum herbicide that should be applied to grass or plants that you wish to kill.

This weed killer comes ready to use and includes a handy spray nozzle that attaches within seconds. As always, follow application guidelines from the manufacturer to ensure safe application and storage.

Eco-Smart Pet Safe Weed Killer

Eco Smart’s Weed and Grass Killer is a pet safe herbicide perfect for small areas or spot applications. It is all-natural and a blend of plant oils, such as cloves and citrus oils. This pet safe weed killer is fast drying. You won't have to worry about rainfall after the product dries. Eco-Smart recommends applying their weed killer on warm days as higher temperatures can accelerate the weed-killing process. It may take longer to produce visible results when applied to weeds than other products, but the plants will eventually die. This product also safe to apply near water sources and aquatic life. As always, it is essential to follow all manufacturer instructions and guidelines when using this product.

Preen All-Natural Weed Preventer

Preen’s All-Natural Weed Preventer is the closest thing to a pre-emergent weed killer without using harsh or dangerous chemicals. Preen lasts four to six weeks after application. The pet-friendly herbicide prevents the future growth of a multitude of broadleaf weeds. Its proprietary formula uses corn protein to stop weeds from growing before they have a chance to invade your garden or lawn. This all-natural product is so safe that it can be used in gardens up to the harvest date.

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