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Centipede Weeds

Herbicides, Lawn Tips

Nothing takes away the enjoyment you get from your centipede lawn like an infestation of weeds. Ideally, you will have used a winter...

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4 Of The Safest Pet Safe Weed Killers

Featured, Herbicides

Thousands of products and chemicals can help you control weeds in your yard. However, there are not as many options for pet safe weed...

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The Best Hand Spreaders

Lawn Tips

Hand spreaders are an essential tool for keeping your lawn or garden in top shape. If you need to spread fertilizer, seed, pesticide, or...

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How to Seed a New Centipede Lawn

Featured, Lawn Tips, Trending

Establishing a new lawn is nowhere near the hardest home-improvement project you can tackle. In fact, a healthy lawn can add value to your...

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Soil pH & Your Lawn

Fertilizers, Lawn Tips

If you have made sure that your lawn is receiving the proper amounts of water, sun, and nutrients and it still does not have the lush green...

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Weed Killer Spray – What You Need to Know

Lawn Tips

When looking to purchase the best weed killer spray for your yard, it is important to understand the best formulation for your needs. Many...

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Ultimate Guide to Weed Killers

Herbicides, Staff's Picks

Walking down the isles of your local home improvement store, you’ll realize there are many options for weed killers. Each claims to...

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